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Mantall Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
Mantall Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
Mantall Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
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Mantall aerial work platforms are extensively used across all industrial sectors for purposes such as construction, installation, cleaning and maintenance tasks.

    1. Mini Electric Scissor Lifts
    2. Mini Electric Scissor LiftsMantall mini electric scissor lift is primarily suited to maneuver in tight spaces and provide high flexibility thanks to its compact structure.
    1. Self-Propelled Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts
    2. Self-Propelled Rough Terrain Scissor LiftsMantall XE-RT series self-propelled rough terrain scissor lifts are a type of aerial work platform that uses battery power and operates without emission and noise.
    1. Electric Self-Propelled Scissor Lifts
    2. Electric Self-Propelled Scissor LiftsMantall electric self-propelled scissor lifts provide workers with versatile mobility and operability.
    1. Crawler Scissor Lifts
    2. Crawler Scissor LiftsThis crawler scissor lift will not damage the floor or leave a trace when turning at zero degree thanks to its non-marking rubber tracks, making it suited to indoor jobsites.
    1. Self-Propelled Articulated Boom Lifts
    2. Self-Propelled Articulated Boom LiftsMantall HZ series self-propelled articulated boom lifts are available in multiple models to meet various working height needs from 14 to 26 meters.
    1. Vertical Mast Lifts
    2. Vertical Mast LiftsMantall IMP series vertical mast lifts are a type of single mast self-propelled aerial work platforms that can improve your working efficiency and enhance productivity in the workplace.
    1. Applications
    2. ApplicationsMantall strives to earn the ongoing trust of our customers by providing high-quality aerial work platforms at competitive pricing, enabling users to effectively and safely perform their tasks when working at heights, wherever they are and whenever they need to.

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Founded in 2001, Mantall is a reputable company specialized in the manufacture and supply of aerial lift equipment and aerial work platforms. The company was first started in Beijing, and its new production base for aerial equipment is located in the Binhai Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province. Covering an area of 35,000 square meters, the location of the production base is 92 kilometers from Shanghai Pudong Airport and 62 kilometers from Shanghai Waigaoqiao Wharf, enjoying exclusive transportation facilities.

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